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March 26, 2017

Unclog Your Pipeline with Mobile Candidate Qualification

Too often recruiters waste their time on unqualified candidates. Whether it be that the candidate simply applies everywhere they can or that the recruiter has improperly targeted candidates, bad leads slow down the hiring process. Here’s a few secrets about how you can use simple qualification techniques on mobile to build a stronger pipeline.

Haste makes Waste! Proper Targeting

Don’t rush! Examine your process carefully. Are you getting a lot of unqualified applicants? Are you getting a lot of qualified ones with a few bad ones mixed in? Sometimes the problem lies in improper targeting (or sometimes no targeting at all!) Make sure you know who you want to target whether it be Millennials, Spanish speakers or simply anyone with a certain skillset. Mobile gives you the capability of doing geo-targeted ads combined with precise demographic information that gives you complete control over this process. Know who you want so those you don’t want don’t clog your pipeline.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask the right questions, but also ask the right number of questions! The longer the form is, the more likely a candidate is to abandon the process so just ask the bare minimum to know if they are qualified.

Furthermore, don’t send raw traffic directly to an ATS on desktop or mobile because you will both open the opportunity to unqualified leads clogging the database and experience high candidate drop-off rates. As a good rule of thumb, don’t let any unqualified traffic to even touch your applicant database.

Quantify to Qualify

Build quant directly into your qualifying questions. For example, if you are looking for Spanish speakers with weekends free, ask and quantify accordingly. Give candidates who give more favorable answers higher scores and follow up on those first! You would much rather have a Spanish speaker with a flexible schedule over someone who just has one or the other. By giving scores to candidates you will be able to allocate your time in a way that leads to a lower cost per hire as well as a higher quality of hire. It’s a win for the candidate and for you!

Volume and Conversion with Mobile-first

Reach the candidate with a mobile-first strategy. Make it easy for them to give you their information by allowing them to use a text call to action. For an example of this text “jobs” to 44844.

By using mobile you can have targeted ads and generate organic traffic with custom calls to action. This will help reduce the cost of acquiring leads and increase conversion to hire by only following up on the qualified leads. For more on this read How Mobile Can make Recruiting Fast Easy and Fun!

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