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March 26, 2017

Turn Locations Into Candidate Creation Centers with GPS Apply

Multi-location targeting with Mobile talent Boost

Congratulations! A worthy candidate is interested in your company and wants to apply for a job near them in Tucson, Arizona. They discover a position in their city and begin to scroll… and scroll…and scrooooollllll.  The further they go, the more their attention diminishes. By the time they reach the “Ps” they give up.

But with the advent of mobile recruiting, things have changed. Recruiters now have a new and powerful tool in their arsenal which can turn every physical location into a candidate creation center: GPS Apply.

GPS Apply can make frustrating candidate location experiences a thing of the past.

Location, Location, Location

Location is one of the most important factors in where a candidate wants to work, and it should be important to you too! Candidates shouldn’t have to research your locations and then scroll through countless alphabetized cities.

 Let Your Job Seekers Tell You Where They Want to Work

When your candidate arrives at your job page, their criterion for choosing where to work is usually “which one is closest to me?” Make this extremely easy by using GPS sorted locations. Since over half of your job seekers are using a mobile device, this will improve the experience for most of your candidate audience.

Use your candidate’s location to help them tell you where they want to work, improving the candidate experience.

 Why should you use GPS Apply?

 Simply put:

  • More Qualified Applicants
  • Better mobile candidate experience
  • Better lead conversion rates
  • Sort your applicants by location
  • It’s intuitive for your candidate

Best of all, GPS Apply is easy for recruiters to launch and use.

GPS Apply is easy to use, no matter how many locations you have.

Mobile Talent uses GeoTargeted technology such as this to locate, capture & qualify candidates - making it easier for YOU to make the hiring process as simple as possible. Want to see a Mobile Talent GPS Apply page with your own brand? Request a demo with us! Click the button down below.

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