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March 7, 2017

How to Triple Your Pipeline with Mobile Lead Generation

Simple Formulas to Drive Success

Form after form… field after field… when will it end? For the vast majority of employers, asking candidates to complete a lengthy job application is the first step in the hiring process – instantly discouraging the best candidates. Recruiters can take simple steps to increase conversion that will significantly increase their lead pipeline.

improved candidate lead generation

The Problem That Cripples Recruitment Pipelines

Sending raw traffic directly to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is highly inefficient, yet many companies do exactly this. It makes little sense to require anybody who clicks on any job posting to go through a lengthy registration and application process. Instead recruitment organizations can simply allow candidates to “raise their hand” and express interest.

Requiring lengthy registration process creates a negative candidate experience and clogs the ATS with raw traffic.

Candidate application flow

No – it’s replacing the far more inefficient “step” of sending traffic directly to a career site or ATS that simply are not tuned for conversion. The key metric that matters is lead capture rate. Mobile Talent mobile pages are far easier than traditional recruiting digital experiences, and provide the dual benefit of improved conversion and initial screening results.

Traffic x Better Conversion = More Leads

To drive more leads, recruiters need higher conversion rates. This usually means asking the minimum number of questions, while making it convenient to “soft apply” from a mobile device. For every $92 spent acquiring leads, only $1 is spent converting them. (Source: Econsultancy, 2016)

Hubspot researched 40,000 web pages, and discovered simply by removing a field conversion rates could jump as much as 50%!

Additionally, according to ComScore, 20% of Millennials are mobile-only – meaning they don’t use a PC at all. Sadly, many recruiters are not reaching their entire addressable audience before they even get started.

millennials mobile usage

A mobile-first recruiting strategy can immediately boost a recruiter’s addressable audience by 20%, instantly improving reach and conversion rates.

Qualified Leads > Applicants

Instead of sending potentially junk leads to the ATS, Recruiters should borrow a consumer marketers’ perspective, and value a Qualified Lead over an Applicant.

A “Qualified Lead” simply means a candidate that shows both interest and fit for the role.

This can be done with qualifying questions that have weighted answers for the most desirable candidates. For example, if a call center wants a bi-lingual rep, they can ask, “Are you comfortable supporting customers over the phone in both English and Spanish” and give a higher score to those that answer “Yes”

Qualified Leads + ATS = Recruiter Happiness

Companies that send only Qualified Leads to the ATS will wind up with happier, more efficient recruiters. This is simply because companies only spend time with applicants that exhibit both fit and interest for the role.

When you only have qualified leads in your ATS, recruiting become easier.

These techniques may sound simple – but when systematically applied, they have shown to dramatically boost the amount of qualified leads for job positions. This in turn creates significant improvements for companies in key performance metrics such as Cost Per Hire and Time to Hire.

Your Pipeline x 3

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