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December 18, 2016

How Do I Target Candidates with Mobile Recruitment Media?

Mobile recruitment media offers recruiters an unparalleled ability to target candidates. But like any form of recruitment media, recruiters need to use best practices to get the most out of their spend. By using the power of geo-targeting, recruiters can get even more bang for their recruitment media dollar.

Where are they? Where are you?

The first thing to consider is where you are hiring, and where you think your high-value candidates live. Keep in mind that if your hiring location is in low-unemployment area – say an upscale shopping mall – you may have to target a different region with your recruitment media.

Start with your hiring locations

Once you’ve uploaded your locations into your recruitment targeting system, you should look at a map to get a high-level view of the situation to begin planning your recruitment media campaign.

Here is a screenshot of the Mobile Talent Boost UI with some uploaded retail locations in the Fresno, CA region.

Multi-location targeting with Mobile talent Boost

Consider local unemployment rates when targeting

Recruiters often want to target media “on top of” hiring locations, but this isn’t always the best strategy. For example, let’s look at that same hiring region of Fresno, CA with an unemployment heat map:


Select hiring Location using unemployment heatmap

The above map shows a relatively modest differential in unemployment rates; in other areas this can be far more prounounced. Let’s take a look at the same chain locations centered in Livermore, CA:

unemployment heatmap in Livermore, CA

The unemployment rates by county are even more pronounced, with a nearly 10% difference between Alameda and San Joaquin county.

unemployment rates by county

Population is another variable to consider – you don’t want to geo-target an area with nobody there – but often it’s a good idea to target a ring of locations around a high-income hiring location.

Consider multiple simultaneous campaigns for the “halo effect”

In general however, it’s best to run simultaneous geo-targeted media campaigns, especially if you have multiple hiring locations within the same region. This is because media has a multiplying or “halo” effect, meaning campaigns can be additive. This is candidates may potentially live and work within the area, or share job opportunities on social media within a region. Which brings us to the last point…

Make sure you let candidates choose their preferred locations

Make sure it’s easy for candidates to select their preferred hiring location. If you have multiple hiring locations, this makes each dollar of spend go even further. It also helps you qualify candidates by matching job seekers to hiring locations, making recruiters more efficient with their time.

Targeting your mobile recruitment media is not difficult and simple techniques can maximize spend. You can use common sense when considering where to place your media, and best practices to ensure your media dollars are spent wisely.

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