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February 13, 2017

SMS Communicator Essential for better Candidate Experience

The average candidate SMS message is read within 5 seconds. SMS Communicator is the fastest, most effective way to instantly communicate with your best candidates.

What Is SMS Communicator?

SMS Communicator is a new Mobile Talent feature that lets you add two-way SMS Communication to any Mobile Talent mobile job campaign.

How Does SMS Communicator Work?

SMS Communicator adds a unique mobile number to any job campaign. All communication is stored within the Mobile Talent campaign, and candidates can opt-in or opt-out at any time.

Personalize, Individualize, Socialize

SMS Communicator

SMS Communicator enables real-time communication via short text messages, giving recruiters unprecedented control and access to their candidates. Recruiters are instantly more efficient and connected with their best candidates.

Messages can be easily personalized to drive the best response.

SMS Communicator is perfect for:

  • Millennial Recruiting
  • High Volume Recruiting
  • Career Fairs and Events
  • College Recruiting
  • Job Posts & Recruitment Media

Turn Leads Into Hires

Email vs mobile open ratesEngaging candidates with SMS - especially Millennials – makes it easy to attract, capture and hire the best talent in the shortest amount of time.

SMS Communicator shows candidates that hiring companies are willing to engage them in ways that are fun, convenient and effective, creating a positive brand experience.

Simple Affordable Pricing

affordable SMS communicator toolSMS-Communicator is just $50 per month for each enabled campaign, and includes unlimited mobile text messaging for recruiters. (Msg& Data Rates may apply for candidates)

SMS-Communicator can be turned on or off for any Mobile Talent campaign, or can be purchased annually for significant savings.

SMS-Communicator is easy to launch, use and personalize for any recruitment organization.

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