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January 20, 2017

RED ALERT! Recruitment Lead Leakage – Candidate Experience Countermeasures Advised

Leads going to competitors using your advertising budget? Poor candidate experiences? Broken recruitment engine? Unfortunately, all the above happen far too often in the recruitment space. Hold on tight as we explore this case study. Shields up, Red Alert!

Welcome to Wendy's Careers!

Wendy’s career site

First stop: Wendy’s career site. Looks good so far. Easy job search using location services with keyword searching for specific jobs. Job number is largely irrelevant to the average job seeker who isn’t already inside the ATS. Call to action is clear. The candidate decides what job they want and clicks “APPLY”

 Leaving Site?

Wendy’s career site issue

Wait, was I supposed to click on that? The candidate may second-guess themselves. The candidate may get confused or worse yet even abandon the process at this point, however, many will simply click through.

 Call to Action – Part 2

Another confusing call to action

After clicking through the previous barrier, the job seeker is faced with another call-to-action after they just selected what position they wanted to apply for. This is disorienting for the user, but probably won’t stop the determined ones. After clicking through….

Welcome to the Talent Management System –

Talent Management System –

The candidate is then dropped into this page. They either have to register or login with their existing Snagajob credentials. This again may confuse the user especially if they were applying for a specific position at a specific location. This candidate, however, is very determined to work for Wendy’s and logs in with their credentials.

Would You Like to Work at Chipotle?

The candidate is greeted with a quick follow-up email! How would you like to work at Chipotle, Worthy Candidate? After all that effort the candidate put into applying for a job at Wendy’s, they are simply put into the general mailing list at Snagajob. Wendy’s advertising revenue is wasted, the candidate’s time is wasted and Snagajob is wasting candidate interest in Wendy’s with advertisements for a different job.

This experience is far too common. Recruiters should feel as if their budget is going towards generating qualified leads for their company at locations that need them instead of the “spray and pray” approach that many companies are taking now.

Do you have any of these issues in your recruitment process?

recruitment process

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