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March 26, 2017

What Recruiters Can Learn from Marketers and Salespeople to Hire More Candidates

Recruiters have increasingly become one of the toughest jobs in an organization. Responsibilities have bled into Sales and Marketing departments as recruiters build diverse skill-sets to build sustainable candidate pipelines. These candidate pipelines much akin to sales pipelines with recruiters taking on the role of the marketer, to fill the top of the funnel with leads, and the salesperson, to close candidates to hire. On top of this, recruiters need to juggle HR and generational differences in candidates with restrictive budgets to hire the most valuable people. Here’s a few things that recruiters can learn from other departments.

Statistics and Acronyms Galore!

RPO, AOR, ATS? Cost per hire, Quality of hire, time to hire? In a world of data and acronyms, there are many things recruiters need to balance to be effective and efficient. Recruiters need to measure hard statistics such as cost per hire and time to hire against soft statistics such as quality of hire all while evaluating different agencies and software tools. Recruiters must build a careful balance of expediency, quality and cost by building sustainable, scalable candidate pipelines. The pipeline is much akin to a sales pipeline with the stages broken up into Attract, Capture, Qualify, Connect and Hire.

Attract with Marketing Techniques

Build interest like a marketer. Lots of focus needs to be put here because without large numbers of leads, there can’t be scale later in the funnel leading to applicants and hires. Advertise effectively using targeting best practices. Read Mobile Talent’s How do I target Candidates with Mobile Recruitment Media to learn more about how to make the most of your budget.

Passive job seekers are the most valuable candidates. Active job seekers apply everywhere and often aren’t as qualified as passive ones. Companies will often find themselves competing over low-quality hires because generating high-quality applicants is difficult. Targeting these people, who are often millennials, with mobile recruitment media can lower your cost per hire while boosting your quality of hire!

Capture and Qualify Using Sales Practices

Capture lead information and qualify them at scale using lead scoring and predefined quant. Your time is extremely valuable so don’t even let unqualified leads reach you! At the same time, you need to take the role of the salesperson and “sell” the high-quality candidates on the position. They will then also know what they are applying for and be convinced to join your team. Oftentimes, reaching out to job seekers on mobile makes the process much easier and more streamlined. Read about how you can improve your mobile candidate experience by reading 7 Outrageously Simple Ways to Take your Mobile Candidate Experience from Awful to Awesome

Connect Like a Recruiter

Remember, you’re a recruiter too! Now that you have a bunch of qualified, interested leads it is up to you to follow up quickly and identify the candidates that will work out best in the organization’s team. Many recruiters have reported remarkable results when integrating SMS into recruitment process. Check out Why SMS Communicator is Essential to Your Candidate Experience to learn more!

Hire and Measure Results

Congratulations! You got a great hire! Measure how much it cost you and how long it took and evaluate the candidate experience. Once you know statistics about how well the process worked you can fine tune and ramp up the engine to create an HR Behemoth!

Does this sound interesting to you? Mobile Talent specializes in building pipelines at scale using a mobile-first approach. Check out our Mobile Recruiting Quick Start Guide to learn why mobile is paramount and how you can integrate it into your hiring practices!

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