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Mobile Talent Blog » Partner Profile: US Media Driving client success through mobile recruiting partnerships
March 13, 2017

Partner Profile: US Media Driving client success through mobile recruiting partnerships

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Partner Profile: US Media 
Driving client success through mobile recruiting partnerships

Theresa Petruzzelli is President of US Media International, one of Mobile Talent’s premier agency partners. Mobile Talent partners with Recruitment Agencies and Recruitment Process Outsourcing organizations like USMedia, to deliver top-of-the line mobile recruitment experiences.

We asked Theresa some questions to understand the impact of Mobile Talent's mobile recruiting platform for both her business and the success of her client's talent acquisition efforts.

Mobile Talent: What aspects do you look for when evaluating recruitment solutions?
US Media: Technology, cost and quality. Clients want to be 1 step ahead of competitors in terms of technology. Clients care about keeping cost per hire and media spend low while at the same time maximizing quality.

Mobile Talent: How important is the mobile recruitment experience?
US Media: Recruiters are concerned about new technology. User friendliness, recruiter efficiency along with a short millennial attention span make this a concern. Recruiters want to be able to pick up new technology quickly and integrate it into their existing recruitment processes. Recruiters are also often not used to managing media aside from LinkedIN or automated media so Mobile Talent's one-click mobile programmatic media engine is of high interest and value.

It is quite common that large brands have extremely small recruitment teams. They want to focus on the interaction with candidates and drive candidates, interviews and hires most efficiently. Mobile Talent's mobile automation is a big benefit in this regard.

Mobile Talent: Do you think that a mobile ERP would be valued by clients?
US Media: Absolutely. In terms of a Motzie mobile ERP, clients are jumping onto it since they understand what it does immediately.

Mobile Talent: How have you seen Motzie impacting the recruiter/agency relationship?
US Media: Mobile Talent alias does a great job in this regard. The team is responsive and builds features ahead of the curve before clients even know they want them! Mobile Talent isn’t just mobile, texting and CRM. Other solutions that tried to integrate texting haven’t been nearly as successful. Mobile Talent has an all-encompassing mobile recruiting solution.

Mobile Talent: How do companies view passive job seekers?
US Media: Companies believe in the idea of passive job seekers, but they consider everyone a passive applicant and it isn’t a strategic focus. As an example, LinkedIN used to have a lot in their marketing about passive applicants, but that has largely shifted now. Companies have been casting the net widely and going after everyone.

Mobile Talent: What sells a client on Mobile Talent?
US Media:Mobile Talent’s instant mobile-activation sells them right off the bat. After they see all the features and how Mobile Talent works with programmatic media on mobile, they immediately see the value. Finally, Mobile Talent's fully integrated, comprehensive, custom-branded recruitment solution seals the deal.

We'd like to thank Theresa Petruzzelli for taking the time to speak with us. If you'd like to learn more about US Media, please visit their website:

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