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February 27, 2017

Why a Mobile-first Recruitment Strategy is Critical for Hiring Millennials

Becoming mobile-first is one of the single most important decisions an organization can make. Many conglomerates such as Google and Microsoft have created mobile-first strategies that have had direct positive impacts on their products. For recruiters, building a mobile-first strategy is critical for reaching Millennial (really any) candidates! Here’s why…

What Does it Mean to Be Mobile-First?

Being mobile first means mobile is the centerpiece of your business strategy. This means people will interact with your brand on mobile, which as we will see later, is not only a safe assumption, but an inevitability.

Mobile-First Strategy

This will influence strategic business decisions which will ultimately determine the success of your organization. Being mobile first doesn’t necessitate cutting out non-mobile users, but it drives the strategy around where your users are.

“Mobile first requires a new approach to planning, UX design, and development that puts handheld devices at the forefront of both strategy and implementation.” – Riley Graham, UXmatters Author

Why be Mobile-First?

To reach the best candidates, you need to reach out to them where they are.With 83% of people having searched for jobs on their phones, being mobile-first is a market requirement. Looking at population penetration statistics for internet vs. mobile further illustrates this point.

internet trends internet trends
internet trendsinternet trends


Global internet consumption is also going more and more towards mobile.

mobile usage trends mobile usage trends


Mobile is a trend that isn’t going to go away and it is something that recruiters need to consider when adapting their candidate pipeline processes.

Millennials Gone Mobile

Millennials, often aptly called digital natives, are even more mobile than previous generations.

Millennials smartphone behaviour

Millennial mobile usage is a profound lifestyle change from previous generations. What this means is that recruiters have the opportunity to reach millennials on a channel that feels natural to them.

Millennials smartphone behaviour

Creating a mobile experience is important for any recruiter, but is especially important for recruiters interested in hiring Millennials.

Seamless Branded Experiences

Being mobile-first grants recruiters unique opportunities to create bite-sized digital moments that blend together into a seamless branded experience that takes the candidate from discovery to hire. Creating a strong company brand makes the recruiter’s job easier.

A strong employer brand is critical for attracting millennial talent today. Your employees, current and former, are your best recruiters so companies need them to talk positively about the organization, its culture, and its leaders.” - Cara Silletto, MBA, Crescendo Strategies

By building a strong, branded digital experience, companies can create positive candidate experiences that will passively generate more leads. Furthermore, mobile offers capabilities that recruiters can leverage to generate pipeline growth. With a candidate’s location, you can place geo-fenced ads around hiring locations that only display in certain areas, using SMS keywords, companies can create a quick call to action that leads to a mobile-optimized lead capture form and the list goes on.

Millennials are more likely to complete applications when they are frictionless. With a mobile-first strategy, you are creating an easy and positive candidate experience.

Discovery to SMS and Onboarding

The mobile experience doesn’t have to stop at advertising; it can span from discovery to hire.

Millennials are open to new forms of contact. You can text a millennial and carry on through the recruiting process very easily. Social media plays a greater role in recruiting in this age group too. Job postings on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. are not misdirected for this segment.” - Bill Kasko, President and CEO, Frontline Source Group, Inc. ­­

With SMS, recruiters can dramatically speed up hiring process and bring fresh talent onto the team efficiently and effectively. According to CTIA, it takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to an email– but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message. That’s nearly 60 times faster.

Mobile is something that recruiters must face when modernizing their recruitment processes. For recruiters who want to be able to reach Millennial talent, a mobile-first strategy is inescapable.

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