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August 20, 2018

Announcing Mobile Talent – A new name, brand identity and website!

Notice anything different? Mobile Talent is excited to announce the launch of our new name, brand identity and website! Formerly known as Motzie, we’ve got a fresh new look to showcase. But, everyone knows there’s much more to a brand than just looks, right? We’ve refreshed our brand identity and website to align with the exciting direction we’re taking the company, including global and vertical market expansion and growing strategic partnerships. This exciting transformation also better reflects our continuous investment in streamlining recruiter and candidate engagement with the latest mobile recruiting technologies.

In fact, our new company mission statement – transforming the hiring process to help recruiters and candidates communicate smarter and faster with mobile technology – sums it up nicely. With today’s super competitive job market and the majority of job candidates worldwide using mobile devices for just about everything, recruiters need the ability to engage talent pools anytime, anywhere in order to be successful.


Mobile recruiting technology woven into an overall recruiting strategy is becoming a “must have” and a powerful competitive advantage – especially for industries with high turnover roles such as retail, staffing, hospitality, healthcare, call centers and telecom to name a few.

Our clients leverage our mobile recruiting solutions to source, qualify and engage talent pools right on their mobile devices – anywhere they are. That’s because they know that text messaging for recruiting is killing email, InMail and voicemail in terms of open rates and response rates. Using our custom branded, mobile microsites, SMS communicator tools with chatbot and AI technology and automated candidate lead qualification capabilities – we help recruiters increase recruiting efficiency, reduce time to hire and create a simple, positive brand experience from the very first candidate interaction.

In addition to focusing on customer happiness and enhancing our platform, we’ve also developed a robust API to enable easy integration into most ATS platforms. Check out our new website and video and visit this blog to see what’s new and exciting in the world of mobile recruiting.

Source, Prequalify and Engage with more candidates using our smart, efficient mobile recruiting solutions.

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