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September 13, 2018

7 Steps to improve mobile candidate engagement

Candidate Engagement is a hot topic these days and top of mind for most recruiters. There were times when there were more candidates than job opportunities and recruiters could simply post to a couple of premier job sites to get tons of resumes to sift through.Now, things are completely different. Candidates nowadays can be super choosy and expect a lot from their recruiters when they’re looking to make a move. They want more detail up front, including an understanding of company culture and what they can expect from the new job so they feel they can make a difference. Moreover, they expect immediate replies and need recruiters to keep them in the loop throughout the entire process.

Candidate engagement starts at the recruiting stage and has a lot to do with how well they feel they were treated during the entire recruiting and hiring process. First impressions matter. Every interaction matters. In different studies, the lion's share of job searchers – around 60% – have shared that they were not treated well during their job search process. Some even shared that they “will not apply for job with that organization or engage with that recruiter again.” So, businesses need to be more aware of this and prioritize the recruiting stage of hiring for better results and quite frankly, to protect their brand. Recruiting strategies matter - whether you are a small to medium size business or a large, multi-national corporation.

Nowadays, almost all millennial's use mobile devices for their day to day activities and check them an average of 157 times per day! They use them to order food, transportation, lodging, clothing, accessories and to search for jobs. To effectively engage with this valuable demographic and to be competitive in today’s hiring market, your recruitment strategies must be pro-mobile.

mobile candidate engagement

Millennials search for jobs on social media, career sites and online job portals and they prefer to apply and instantly communicate with recruiters using SMS texting or other text applications. Here’s where a custom branded, mobile job microsite provides a simple, engaging experience across all Android and iPhone devices Candidates see a company logo and color scheme and get a feel of the organization’s culture right from the start.


Here are some easy steps to improve mobile candidate engagement:


1) Try to make it Personal:

 It sounds pretty basic but use candidates’ names in every email, phone message and SMS text communication to grab their attention and keep it about them. You’ll be more likely to get a response and it will drive better engagement and a better overall first impression.


2) Respect:

Treat candidates as you treat clients. If you want them to take the process seriously then understand that they’re likely applying for multiple jobs and the simpler and more streamlined you keep the process, the better. This is where mobile recruiting can really help with user friendly application forms, simple questionnaires and continuous updates to keep them in the loop throughout the process.


3) Understand your ideal candidate:

Before jumping into recruiting, understand who your ideal candidate is so you can attract “best fit” candidates from the start. Provide enough detail so interested candidates get a feel for whether they would be a fit and could succeed at the job.


4) Go Mobile with your recruiting


94% of job seekers expect to see current job openings on mobile jobs sites.


mobile job microsite for employer branding



Implement a mobile strategy for recruitment, qualification and the entire candidate engagement processes. This will help you attract and connect with the right talent quickly and easily and keep the process moving along. It will significantly improve the candidate experience as well.

Improve your employer branding with Mobile Job Microsites. You can create your own mobile friendly job site in seconds and begin to drive leads from it. In addition, you have options to add branding, custom imagery, descriptions and the contact info form.


5) Current Trends in Talent Acquisition

Enhancing your recruitment process is indispensable in today’s competitive hiring landscape. Organizations battle to fill roles with low unemployment rates in many regions around the world. Old school recruiting processes are just not cutting it. While desktops and laptops are still in use, millennial's are now mobile. There are more mobile devices than toothbrushes in the world with a prediction that 4.7 billion will be in use in 2019.

If organizations have not adopted mobile recruitment techniques they may miss out on this valuable, tech-savvy talent pool.


6) Simplify candidate prequalification through mobile

recruitment applicant tracking system


Identifying ideal candidate contenders for specific requirements is an important initial step to recruiting.

Mobile recruitment systems like Mobile Talent, offers a wide array of features to simplify this process all in one place. From easy intake forms on custom mobile job microsites to lead scoring to chatbot enabled SMS communication tools – the focus is on identifying and engaging top candidates so recruiters know who to focus on.


7) Speed up the response

Once the candidate has applied, they expect a quick response or may drop off the engagement chain. With an SMS text enabled recruitment system, you can send and receive responses easily and instantly. And, for more common responses, you can set up a chatbot to save time while maintaining a professional, engaged candidate experience.

Mobile technology has made our lives easier and faster. Just about every process is now enhanced by mobile in some form and recruiting is no exception. In fact, mobile recruiting is becoming a must have vs. a nice to have in most industries in order to remain competitive.

Improving candidate engagement and streamlining the entire hiring process remains an essential means to hiring the best candidates faster.


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