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December 5, 2016

7 Secrets to Maximizing Career Fairs with Mobile Recruiting

Picture the scene: a single recruiter surrounded by hundreds of inspiring people but precious few hours to connect with them all and find that perfect candidate. How would you do it?

Mobile Recruiting can super-charge your career fairs, turning them into candidate lead generation machines. Connect with and capture hundreds of leads at once using these 7 Secrets for Killer Career Fairs with Mobile Recruiting

branded mobile job micrositeSecret #1: Event-Branded Mobile Job Microsite

One of the essential pieces to any mobile driven campaign is the branded mobile job microsite. Create a custom job microsite specifically tailored to the event for the ideal candidate experience.

An Event-Branded Mobile Job page will be the centerpiece of your mobile recruitment campaign.

Secret #2: Five Required Fields (or less)

Filling out long applications on mobile is tedious if not painful and are a turn-off for passive candidates. Capture all the best by making the process as frictionless as possible by having five or fewer fields for your mobile candidate capture pages.

Capturing and qualifying candidates now enables more qualified leads for the hiring process later.

Secret #3: Drive Conversion with SMS Keywords

It’s impossible to talk to every candidate and many won’t follow up if they are simply given your contact information. Creating SMS Keywords for your career events makes it a snap for any candidate to share details with you in a jiffy.

message for job application

SMS Keywords allow you to quickly capture hundreds of leads and individually follow up on the most qualified applicants using SMS.

For more information about why you should use SMS in your job campaigns read “Why SMS Communicator is Essential to Your Candidate Experience”.

Secret #4: Handout Cards with SMS Calls to Action

sms for job vacancy 90% of candidates today use mobile in their job search. Make their experience frictionless and easy by using SMS calls to action on brochures and handout cards.

Candidates will be more likely to connect with your company if it is readily available and intuitive to engage with.

Secret #5: Show Hiring Locations

Including active hiring locations shows your candidates multiple career options, and also lets them express an interest in the locations they want to work at – a valuable candidate qualifier and recruiter time-saver.

Secret #6: Train the Team

Show your team your Mobile Job Microsite, and show them how to text in and share the keyword to maximize your candidate flow.

Secret #7: Follow Up Fast

By the very nature of career fairs, candidates will be exploring multiple job possibilities. Stand out with rapid response through SMS or email, and show your candidates why they should be considering your company as a career option.

Get Your Own Mobile Career Fair Page

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