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March 26, 2017

7 Outrageously Simple Ways To Take Your Mobile Candidate Experience from Awful to Awesome

The world is rapidly changing. Many job-seekers today are transitioning from desktop to mobile. Recruiters need to keep up with the changing landscape, but oftentimes a mobile strategy can be elusive. Mobile doesn’t have to be a thorn in what would otherwise be a solid recruitment pipeline. In just 7 simple steps, you can take your mobile candidate experience from awful to awesome.

1 – Sell the Candidate on Your Position

Why should the candidate want to work at your company at all? Surely you must know the answer working there yourself. Take a page from the sales playbook and sell the candidate on your position. What this means is targeting passive job seekers who will often be more qualified over applicants from organic traffic. Focus on qualified leads rather than applicants and you will see your pipeline grow tremendously. Keep this approach in mind as we go through the next steps.

2 – Use Mobile-Enhanced Media

Mobile-enhanced media simply means ensuring that all mobile ads from job boards, social ads, classifieds and career pages are mobile friendly and resolve into a mobile-friendly capture page. It also means ensuring that your ads are geo-targeted to precise areas and geo-fenced to ensure that unqualified prospects aren’t even seeing the ads you place.

Mobile provides the opportunity to target and enhance advertising in ways that are advantageous to recruiters.

3 – Mobile Optimized Lead Capture

Mobile optimized means more than just “mobile-friendly”. A mobile optimized page not only looks good on mobile but also has many characteristics that make for a better experience.

What does it mean to be mobile optimized?

  • No forced registration – just capture the information
  • Bite-sized experience – 60 seconds or less
  • No pinching and zooming
  • Easy-to-read text
  • Professional branding

Use just the fields that you need to qualify the applicant in lead capture. Try to strike a healthy balance between the qualification and number of fields. The shorter the form is the better for the end user experience.

4 – Never Send Raw Traffic to the ATS

Going along with the previous point, never send raw traffic to the ATS. Sending mobile traffic directly to the ATS has very high drop-off rates leading to very little lead capture and often-unqualified applicants clogging the database. Recruiters often make this mistake due to not having a proper mobile strategy in place. Not only are you wasting the candidate’s time by doing this, you are also wasting your precious recruitment budget on ads with low conversion.

5 – Qualify and Connect

Don’t make your candidates go through an application process on a mobile device – at least not until you’ve qualified them.

Capturing and qualifying lots of leads is more valuable than a few unqualified applicants.

Think of your ideal candidate, and determine how you want to qualify them. Qualification is a careful balance between using the necessary form fields with considering conversion rates. Shorter forms lead to better candidate experiences, but sacrifice accuracy of qualification. Choose what works best for your situation.

6 – Use SMS to Communicate with the Candidate

Many candidates would rather be contacted by text rather than other forms of communication. For frequent texters, 55% would prefer a text message to a phone call. In addition, candidates are more likely to follow up if contacted over text.

A candidate is up to 5 times more likely to respond to an SMS text message than an email.

According to, 90% of recruiters reported that SMS helped speed up their process. SMS is a powerful tool that can help boost your mobile candidate experience.

7 – Transition the Job Seeker Quickly

Last, but not least, transition the job seeker through the pipeline as quickly as possible. When you create a mobile workflow, it is beneficial both to you and the candidate that the process moves and quickly and smoothly as possible. Create a pipeline framework that allows you to collect the data quickly, qualify automatically, connect rapidly and transition directly into hires.

Creating an awesome mobile recruitment experience isn’t difficult and will end up resulting in lower time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

Mobile Talent specializes in optimizing your candidate experience and boosting your lead pipeline so that you get the best applicants in the shortest time. Interested in finding out how? Click the button below to schedule a demo with us.

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