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March 26, 2017

5 Key Recruiting Metrics That Will Instantly Improve with a Mobile-first, Lead-Centric Strategy

It’s the end of the quarter for Ronald Recruiter. While our friend Ronald did quite well, his recruitment metrics aren’t where he’d like them to be. Applicant drop-off rates are high and he’s spending a lot of money to get a few mediocre hires who are in time-critical openings. Recruitment has become a tough job. Recruiters have increasingly become nimble strategists tasked with creating large and sustainable candidate pipelines that directly impact the success of large organizations.

Creating modernized pipelines like these require innovative strategies that reach out to prospective candidates like leads in a sales funnel. With so many people, especially millennials, going mobile, a mobile-first strategy can help you instantly improve key recruiting metrics across the board. Here’s how…

Metric #1: Removing Friction Improves Time to Hire

Friction slows things down. Oiling up a machine oftentimes can increase its workable hours, speed and efficiency. Fine-tuning recruitment processes to remove friction for the prospective candidate is important in improving Time to Hire.

Despite 90% of recruiters reporting that SMS speeds up their recruitment process, few recruiters utilize it. 55% of frequent texters would rather receive a text message to a phone call.

According to Velocify, text messaging has a 45% response rate, while email only has a 6% response rate – that’s over a 7x higher response rate!

In addition, recruiters can utilize SMS keywords to create an instant call to action at hiring locations for very little cost. The candidate can be smoothly transitioned to lead capture which can qualify them so only the best leads are followed up on by the recruiter.

Metric #2: Optimized Experiences Reduce Applicant Drop off Rate (ADR)

Removing friction involves creating easy transitions and bite-sized digital experiences for the candidate. A mistake many companies make is sending raw traffic, often paid for by non-mobile optimized ad spend, directly to the ATS where bounce rates can be as high as 95%!

Candidates should be eased in the processes both for their sake and yours. Candidates are more likely to fill out 4-6 fields than register and fill out 40-50. Furthermore, using just a few fields to qualify the candidate allows recruiters to prevent unqualified applicants from clogging the ATS. Qualified leads can be contacted directly by the recruiter and transitioned directly to the ATS where the process will feel more natural.

Only sending good leads through the recruitment funnel will ensure that only the candidates that are interested and qualified for the job are going through the process, lowering ADR.

Metric #3: Cost per Hire

Optimize, refine and geo-target. Get more bang for your buck by geotargeting ads putting up “geo-fences” to prevent unqualified applicants from even seeing your ads. Utilize GPS apply targeted media boosts to allow candidates to apply for the locations near them.

Creating a bigger, fatter pipeline driven by more targeted traffic and better conversion will ultimately lower recruiter’s cost per hire. More money can be spent targeting only the candidates that you want.

Metric #4: Quality of Hire

By utilizing a lead-centric mindset, recruiters shift their focus from generating applicants to creating more leads at the top of the funnel. Good salespeople don’t bother with small wins when their time could be better spent chasing after larger deals.

Same goes for recruiting. Recruiters shouldn’t waste their time and budget on candidates that won’t do a good job. Capturing and qualifying more leads allows you to build scale and quant into the pipeline.

Utilizing mobile geo-targeting and lowering ADR for qualified applicants through mobile-optimized experiences will naturally improve the quality of hire.

Instead of being forced to hire someone for a position due to circumstantial constraints, imagine having so many applicants that you onlyhave to choose the best one!

Metric #5: Recruiter Satisfaction

Most importantly, you will be happier. Implementing a mobile-first, lead centric strategy will build scale into the pipeline allowing you to hire efficiently at 5, 50, 5000 or even 50000 locations!

Instead of worrying about individual hires, Recruiters should be focusing on larger issues that directly affect the success of large organizations.

Mobile Talent is a mobile-recruitment software platform that specializes in creating scalable pipelines that can drive hires at any number of locations. Mobile Talent can help you implement a mobile-first, lead-centric strategy that will optimize your recruitment engine.

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